Dr. Dr. Michael Ofner erklärt die RegentK Methode

Sep 2018

Am Rande der Schwarzenberg-Lectures in Salzburg erklärt Dr. Michael Ofner im Gespräch mit Anna Maria August von die RegentK - Regenerationstherapie nach Mohamed Khalifa.


Pacemaker of the Body
Jun 2017 1


Every single cell in your body has its own internal clock(s) to coordinate cell metabolism, repair mechanisms and other important functions. But there is one “master clock” »»»

Unlimited Blood Supply
Jun 2017 1


Polytraumatic accidents could lead in massive loss of blood, which often must be transfused to increase therapeutic outcome. Even if in general there is more demand of blood than supply, especially patients with rare blood types face the problem that insufficient amount of red blood bags matching their needs might be available from donations. »»»

The Oscillation of Organs
Jun 2017 1


Circadian rhythms play an important role in the body. These chronobiological patterns influence regeneration by far more than we thought some decades ago. The levels of hormones rise and fall within 24h in various ways – e.g. while Serotonin helps being awake and powerful during the day, Melatonin supports growth and regeneration. »»»

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