The Oscillation of Organs


Circadian rhythms play an important role in the body. These chronobiological patterns influence regeneration by far more than we thought some decades ago. The levels of hormones rise and fall within 24h in various ways – e.g. while Serotonin helps being awake and powerful during the day, Melatonin supports growth and regeneration.

In a similar way, even the size of organs could increase and shrink. According to a paper published in Cell recently, it turned out that the liver grows by about 50 percent (!) during waking hours. The resourceful organ helps regulating the metabolism, detoxifies blood and modulates coagulation.

This new finding might get in the focus of interest for regeneration research as the principle of „form follows function“ seems to be applicable for organs even within a very short timeframe and therefore chronobiology is of much higher impact that previously thought.

Taking this into consideration we may be able to “time” therapies better in future matching the natural rhythms of organs.

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